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“The Evolution of Art is the Evolution of Mankind”

Recent Employment Experience and Activities:

  • 2023 Toronto West Art Group, an outdoor exhibition of 30 artists over a weekend.
  • Nero in the Land of Nut children’s book published in 2023 by Macauley Publishers New York
  • 2019 Set Designer for ‘Aspasia the Play’ by Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Classics U of T. The play is performed all over the world.
  • 2015 – Present: Teaching Private Lessons in Cubism, in Toronto.
    For those few who can afford private lessons in their homes, I teach them the art of Cubism starting with studying Geometry and geometric shapes. It is an opportunity to see the world refracted and taken apart only to be put back together in a new combination, creating new realities that were hidden before. Freelance.
  • 2015 – 2017: Art Therapy volunteer guest artist in Toronto. Using art as therapy has become common and accepted knowledge. It incorporates creating on a playful simple level e.g. Using colour and mixing it as an emotional outlet and drawing as a psychological outlet. There is no goal for creating a painting at this point, but instead a pursuit of pure energy and play with the materials at hand. In these classes, there are no restrictions. People learn to let go and bring about a catharsis in their lives.

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Self Portrait – John Vlachos
Oil on canvas 90cm x 60cm 2018
Madame Bovary – Oil on canvas 100cm x 90cm 2021
  • 2014 – Present: Employed at Central Technical Fine Art, Acrylic Technique Evening Classes. The evening classes involve a complex set of rules inherent in every classroom. The art exercises are based on drawing and fans out to incorporate painting in hand/brain training sessions and learning how to see by comparisons. 5 years running.
  • 2014 – 2023 Employed at Northern Secondary Fine Art Enrichment Programs. The goal of this Acrylic painting course for Beginners and Intermediate students is to master a painting using the OPT method (Open minded Painting Technique) I have devised. It is a step-by-step method of painting, tackling each portion of the painting individually e.g., Sky first, middle ground next, and foreground last. Its simplicity makes painting possible even for the most squeamish novice; 5 years running.
Previous Employment including Freelance work:
  • 2007-2014 Major artist for the National Theatre of Greece…Set Design.
  • 2011 Children’s Theatre John Xristopoulos and Xari Romas Productions
  • 2010 Set artist for Sam Shepherd’s “Lie of the Mind” at Embros Theatre, Athens, Greece 2005
  • Art Instructor for Fashion: A K T O School of Fashion and Design, Athens, Greece.
  • 1993-1999 private (School of Art), Xolargo, Athens, Greece
  • 1998 Lectured at Deree College, Athens Greece
  • 1980-1987 Art Instructor at Central Technical School, (7 years running) in Toronto 1980-1987 Major Cover Illustrator (7 years running) for Multi-Med Magazine and Illustrator for Nobel Prize Winning Books for various reputable Publishers, Collins, Penguin.
  • 1980-1985 Poster Design at Danforth Technical School, (5 years running) in Toronto 1980/81 Lectured on Art in various schools for the Board of Education
  • 1990 Graduated from Ontario University of Art, Toronto (Alumni member)
  • 1985 Anatomy studies at Ontario Chiropractic College, Toronto
  • 1989 Studied Philosophy and Literature at U of T
  • 1973 Central Technical Fine Art Dept. Scholarship F. Dawson Kennedy Award for Outstanding Achievement