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I am a non-generative AI practicing freelance Artist, Illustrator, Instructor, Sculptor, and published Author who brings a lifetime of experience to my work.

My magazine and book illustrations have shown a wide scope of creative success. My fine artwork has been sold in Greece, The Vorre Museum, and Canada.

Using my skills and imaginative experimentation, I moved into theatre, Set Design, and Set painting during 8 years of hands-on experience at the National Theatre of Greece and Epidaurus Theatre.

John Vlachos, Self Portrait

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New Book:

Nero in the Land of Nut

Published 2023 by Austin Macauley Publishers

Writing is the most unusual way to create. I have always been used to painting where materials such as brushes, canvas, and colors are at hand. Everything has a tactile quality about it, but writing is the opposite. It is more cerebral. You are dealing with words colliding with each other in your mind trying to make sense of them. But this can be more liberating, especially in a children’s book where anything goes. 

Nero in the Land of Nut is a play on words so convoluted and over-lapping it becomes infectious and incorrigible. At some point, the reader laughs hilariously in his/her attempts to make sense of it all. It reminds us of life itself and how seriously we take things, when all the while, life just wants to laugh.

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